I always had this great idea to create an online business model that would enable everyone sell items by means of an online store. Although most online retail was run by big brands and big companies. I wanted a platform that would enable everyone have a bite of the eCommerce pie.

I realized that providing a marketplace for both big and small entities, including individuals is the future of eCommerce in Nigeria. Enabling everyone to run their own eCommerce chain from product listing –payment processing – delivery. However as a brand we continue to provide much needed support, including seamless customer oriented services and delivery systems. Our vendors and customers are free to tap into our wealth of experience to make their marketplace more efficient and customer friendly.

As a brand ShopperMatch.com is poised to grow organically and increase business presence through self-funding by focusing on our customers and funding our growth from cash flow. I believe ShopperMatch.com would become a challenger brand that delivers best local deals marketplace through digital efficiency. Our goal is to make online shopping more affordable and accessible, so that when we look back we can say we helped direct the shape of eCommerce in Nigeria, Africa and world at large.

Most importantly, we celebrate our customers at ShopperMatch.com, without them we do not have a business. Your feedback’s are paramount to us and has helped shape ShopperMatch.com into the Online Retailer it is today.

On behalf of the company, we look forward to that journey with you, as we drive our company and industry into the future.

Thank You,


Saint Anosike

Founder & CEO

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